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QpiAI offers AI Technology, AI Systems, AI model discovery, AI model generation and AI model deployment. Here are the video resources for your reference.


QpiAI-pro signup

QpiAI pro allows a user to create and setup an organisation where user can configure resources, verify billing and pay using either paypal or credit/debit cards.

QpiAI-pro Introduction

This video gives a general introduction of the QpiAI Pro platform. This video highlights the ground-breaking innovative services available in the Pro platform. This video also explains the end-to-end Auto ML pipeline being utilised by the Pro platform and how are they implemented in the form of microservices.

QpiAI Pro – Data Preparation Microservice

This video explains how we can login to the Pro platform and choose a relevant domain. Further this video is focused on the use of Data Prep microservices by taking simple examples of image and tabular datasets respectively. The tutorial also explores the way of uploading the dataset and accessing the history to view previously executed commands.

QpiAI Pro – KDD Microservice

This video explains how we can utilize the KDD microservice to process the textual information. This microservice helps you explore and convert unstructured data from various sources to extract meaningful knowledge from databases. It is an extremely important tool and can be used in data selection, data mining purposes. The tutorial also explores the way of uploading the dataset from a local machine.

QpiAI Pro – Generate AI Model Microservice

This video explains how we can utilize the Generate AI Model microservice to obtain state of art production level ready AI models.
Behind the rise of powerful deep learning models lies the behemoth task of properly training such models on large datasets. A successful training strikes a balance among a myriad of factors such as initialization of model weights and selection of optimal hyperparameters. The optimal values of hyperparameters cannot be known before starting the training process. Generally, an ML expert arrives at these values after a lot of time-consuming manual experimentation.
QpiAI Pro uses AutoML, which aims to automate this process. With QpiAI Pro, the end-user only has to specify a handful of input parameters such as the dataset, desired performance and not have to worry about every single detail of the training process.

QpiAi™ Pro

QpiAi™ Pro is the most collaborative way to ideate ML & AI Models. Engage in the next level of futuristic innovations in AI/ML


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