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2.3 Steps for Running KDD

 Batch Processing

  1. Select KDD on the QpiAI Pro Dashboard. And you can view KDD Pipelines

    1. Choose Batch Process and get into Batch Processing Dashboard
    1. You can view wide range of options for the different KDD Functionalities
    2. Upload your document dataset using the Upload Files Section.
    3. Enable the pipeline steps in the Operations Section
    4. Select the appropriate summary type. Page wise will generate each page in case the pdf consists of multiple pages, while Whole Document will just give a summary for the whole document.
    5. Type in the setting for desired summary output range in Min Length and Max Length of summary output in the respective fields
    6. Set the Num Clusters to specify the no. of. clusters for Document Clustering. It should be more than 1 and less than the number of documents.
    7. Choose the Target Compute Device using the Drop Down in the Parameter Section.
    8. Click Start Batch Process to start processing and you can download the processed data by clicking on Download Output Files
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