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QpiAI™ Pro is the most collaborative way to ideate ML & AI Models. Engage in the next level of futuristic innovations in AI/ML.

QpiAI Pro’s Powerful AutoML &

Deep Learning Engine

Knowledge Discovery

From enterprise data

Data Preparation

Model Discovery

Model Generation

Model Deployment & Monitoring

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Backend Compute

Opportunistic on premise

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Automated discovery of best-performant AI model for your problems

QpiAI Pro is equipped with QpiAI-patented search-space reduction algorithms that utilize the rich contextual information about use case-specific domains and subdomains to efficiently discover the best-performing model based on provided data and significantly accelerates the AI solution development process.

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Use Cases

Price Optimization

Natural Language Processing

Vision Processing

Text Analytics

Computer Vision

Named Entity Recognition

Fraud Prevention

Anomaly Detection

Powerful Functionalities

End to End AI Modelling — Redefined.

QpiAi™ AI/ML model generation PaaS is package of all AI needs. It has everything in-built for standalone AI/ML modelling applications from data preparation, AI/ML model generation from base model, new AI/ML model discovery, fine-tuning existing AI/ML models, Deploying AI/ML model anywhere including different cloud platforms and edge platforms.

ML / AI Advanced Computation — Simplified.

Create your Domains and Subdomains for best optimized AI/ML model discovery on QpiAi™-Pro. QpiAi™ AutoML/AI is based on domain-specific model discovery and optimization. It exploits the property of Data tied to domains and hence provides better AI/ML models.

Run Multiple Models — Containerized.

QpiAi™ Pro All AutoML/AI functions are mapped to microservices to enable compute scalability and parallelism. Get containerized backend with complete cloud & enterprise data center support. Allows Model sharing & co-development within Professional community.

Game Changing Features

Enriched Revenue

With 1000s of AI/Ml model that can be deployed in few clicks , Client can quickly address market needs with QpiAI-Pro, which can account 100s of million in revenue

Higher Productivity

With QpiAI-Pro Client can ramp up 100s of Data scientists who can address AI needs with Client internal BU as well as its end customers. This will ensure massive productivity

Data Security

Addresses privacy and security concern among Client BU by using local VMs in Client Data center, Data is not leaving Client premises and hence addresses Privacy and data security issues.

Fuelling Innovation

Capability to create new kind of AI quickly with massive data that Client & its customer produces. Client can create new kind of AI models, hybrid systems consisting of different kinds of model

Intuitive Integration

Integrating the tool with Client CI/CD process, this will enable rapid digital transformation and intelligence integration into applications in all Client processes making the work seamless

Rich Libraries

Internal AI model IP development with QpiAI-Pro collaboration features & rapid model development. When deployed worldwide Client can have rich libraries of millions of AI/ML models

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    QpiAi™ Pro

    QpiAi™ Pro is the most collaborative way to ideate ML & AI Models. Engage in the next level of futuristic innovations in AI/ML


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